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Insta360 Motorcycle U-Bolt Mount

Insta360 Motorcycle U-Bolt Mount


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Motorcycle U-Bolt Mount

A stabler, reliable design for unbeatable onboard shots.

Mind-blowing third-person views.

Use with the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick to unlock incredible third-person shots of your ride – truly blockbuster potential.

All-new structure.

Refreshed design with a new, patented gimbal structure gives unprecedented stability to your motorcycle shots.

Wider compatibility.

Adopting the U-Bolt, use the two spacers to adapt your mount to mainstream motorcycles.

In the Box

1: Universal Joint ×1

2: U-Bolt ×1

3: Wrench ×1

4: Hex Wrench ×1

5: Large Spacer ×1

6: Small Spacer ×1

7: Rubber Pad ×2

8: Washer Pairs ×2

9: Thumb Screw ×1

10: 3-Prong to 1/4″ Adapter ×1

11: Anti-Slip Ring ×4



1. Install the spacer inside the U-Bolt based on the clamping position and size.

2. Tighten the universal joint onto the U-Bolt securely before use.

3. The included washer pairs consist of two washer sets. Take care not to lose these during disassembly, as losing a washer may cause the nut to loosen under vibration.

4. U-Bolt can be installed onto the motorcycle frame, rear pedal bracket, bumper, and other secure areas. Always check the U-Bolt is locked into place, without rotation or play in the mount when secured.

5. Riding is only recommended on smooth roads at speeds not exceeding 80km/h (50mph). Off-road riding is not supported.

6. It is recommended to connect the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick with the 1/4″ adapter on the Universal joint to ensure the stick is securely mounted. Please do not connect the selfie stick to the rest of the accessories. Please do not vigorously wrench the top of the selfie stick, as excessive torque may damage the Universal Joint.

7. When the motorcycle is parked outside for an extended period, remove accessories to keep them in the best condition.

8. Please use the accessory according to the installation method in this instruction manual, do not DIY. Damage caused by not following the instructions will not be covered by Insta360 warranty or replacement services.