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If you are a beginner or want to improve theoretical and practical knowledge of how to fly any DJI Drone, then you can sign up for an individual, or a group course where you will learn:

Theoretical lessons:

  • Background history of DJI;
  • Drone regulations and registrations;
  • Theoretical overview of quadcopter and controls.
  • Flight mode overview and precautions.
  • Gimbal and cameras, and the camera control modes;
  • Smart drone battery handling and general rules on how to store smart batteries through different temperatures;
  • Full review of preflight preparation, calibration, check-list;
  • Overview of places for flight, forbidden and red zones;
  • Return home button mode;
  • Rules for performing flights in severe weather conditions.
  • Review of DJI GO application, the optimal settings, flight modes and shooting modes;
  • Flights near obstacles or at low altitudes.

Practical class (outdoors):

  • Setting up a drone and DJI GO user(for new pilots);
  • Calibration of the compass and other systems (if necessary);
  • Setting the optimal parameters of the copter, flight and camera in DJI GO APP
  • Optimal setting of the point and mode of return home;
  • Practicing correct takeoff, holding, basic rules of handling a drone;
  • Safe landing;
  • Flights in different modes – P, ATTI and sports etc;
  • Correct and safe execution of take-off and landing by hand;
  • Practical use of intelligent flight modes (Active Track, Tap Fly, etc.);
  • Using intelligent flight modes for high-quality video shooting (Draw and Point of Interest modes).

*Duration: 1-2 hours.



300 GEL*

Phantom, Mavic and Spark

500 GEL*

Inspire 2

*provided prices are for one individual